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Protech 8505 Commercial CO Monitor

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Price: $125.00
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Item Number: 8505
Manufacturer: Pro-Tech
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Alternate Product: Defender LL6070 Low Level CO Monitor, which complies with OSHA, NIOSH, Cal-OSHA and ACGIH exposure limits.

Download Manual: 8505 User Manual (PDF, 120kB)


  • Battery Powered:  The ProTech 8505 Commercial Carbon Monoxide Monitor includes a 9v alkaline battery.
  • Electrochemical Sensor:  State-of-the-art electrochemical sensor is exceptionally reliable and accurate, with an estimated 2 year life expectancy.
  • Continuous Digital Display:  Carbon monoxide levels detected between 10 to 500 ppm are continuously displayed in the alpha-numeric readout. The LCD display flashes above 500ppm.
  • Peak Level Memory:  Recalls from memory the highest carbon monoxide level detected from 10 to 500 ppm.
  • Peak Level Time Record:  The duration of the stored peak carbon monoxide level, and how long ago it occurred, can be displayed by pressing the memory recall button.
  • Sensor Life Monitor:  Internal clock starts once battery is installed. Visual and audible signals notify you when sensor life has expired.
  • OSHA and NIOSH Compliant:  The ProTech 8505 complies with OSHA and NIOSH exposure limits.
  • One Year Warranty:  The Pro-Tech 8505 Commercial Carbon Monoxide Monitor is backed by a One Year Limited Factory Warranty.



  • Power Supply:  9vDC alkaline battery (included)
  • Sensor:  Electrochemical
  • Gas Detected:  Carbon Monoxide (CO)
  • CO Sampling Cycle:  Every 5 seconds
  • Digital Readout:  LCD alpha-numeric CO readout
  • Display Resolution:  1ppm
  • Accuracy:  +/- 5% or 5ppm, whichever is greater*
  • Current CO Reading:  Continuously displays current CO detected from 10-500ppm
  • Peak Level Memory:  Displays highest CO level detected from 10-500ppm
  • Peak Level Time Record:  Displays duration of peak CO level, and how long ago occurred
  • Time Weighted Average (TWA):  Displays average CO concentration for prior 8 hours
  • Life Monitor:  Sensor expiration signal after two years
  • Display Backlight:  Alarm, memory and testing
  • Power Signal:  Flashing Green LED
  • Audible Signal:  85db @10ft
  • REL Alarm Level/Time:  30ppm within 7 hours TWA
  • PEL Alarm Level/Time:  45ppm within 6 hours TWA
  • Acute Alarm Time:  95pm within 1 hour TWA
  • Ceiling Alarm Level/Time:  190ppm at 15 seconds
  • Alarm Visual Signal:  Flashing Red LED
  • Alarm Audible Signal:  4 beeps every 5 seconds
  • Mute Button:  Silences audible signal up to 5 minutes
  • Low Battery Visual Signal:  Flashing Green LED
  • Low Battery Audible Signal:  1 beep per minute
  • Malfunction Visual Signal:  Flashing Red LED
  • Malfunction Audible Signal:  2 beeps per minute
  • Sensor Expiration Signal:  Displays End, flashing Green LED, 1 beep per minute
  • Test Function:  Self diagnostic circuitry and manual test
  • Operating Temperature:  40-100°F @ 10-90% RH
  • Case Color:  White
  • Case Size:  5-9/16" x 3-7/16" x 1-5/16”
  • Applicable Standards:  OSHA and NIOSH
  • Warranty:  One Year Limited Factory Warranty

*Specifications subject to change without notice. Display accuracy is first year estimate only, and may also be affected by environmental conditions and other circumstances beyond manufacturer's control. This CO monitor is not listed or tested to the residential UL 2034 standard. The monitor is intended for use in commercial applications.

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